Sunday, November 6, 2016

Blogging Along by Mary Lou Moran

Blogging Along

by Mary Lou Moran
In my quest to understand the blogging world, I find I have questions--serious questions. And I need your help. So please read this and answer the questions below.
  1. Do you write your own blog?
  2. If so, why do you blog?
  3. Do you read other peoples' blogs?
  4. What kind of blogs do you like to read? Example:  funny, informative, everyday happenings, specific topics etc.
  5. What kind of blog makes you groan painfully and click to another website?
  6. Do you enjoy discussions started on blogs?
  7. If you are an author, do you consider blogging a part of your platform?
  8. And finally, if you do not blog - why not? 


JS said...

1. Yes. I have started about 5 and maintain 3 (but write regularly only on one).
2. I have to write to stay (get?) sane.
3. Yes, I read several (see #4)
4. I read a variety of blogs; funny, political, personal journals, you name it.
5. Nothing really annoys me, except right-wing propaganda that presents opinion as fact.
6. I sometimes enjoy discussions; but mostly I just lurk and take my enjoyment in silence.
7. I consider myself a potential author and, one day, I will make my blog part of my platform, but only after I clean it up. As of this moment, it is a schizophrenic stream-of-consciousness journal that demonstrates my madness, not something one would want to try to sell to an adoring audience.
8. I do blog. And you should give it a shot, too. It will keep you (make you) sane. ;-)

JS said...

Further to number 5: ditto left-wing and moderate-wing propaganda that does the same.

JD said...

1. no
2. na
3. rarely
4. relevant to my interests that make sense and provide new information
5. long and rambling or too personal to the blogger and irrelevant to me
6. haven't experienced many, most seem brainless
7. yup, just don't know quite enough
8. as above

Suzanne J. Bratcher said...

1.Yes-I blog, but I invite others to write entries as well. I discovered that I can't keep up with once a week. I have one person who writes regularly once a month, another person who writes every 6-8 weeks, and people I invite who write once or twice a year.
2. I blog because the theme interests me and goes along with my own study.
3. I read selected other blogs.
4. I prefer informative blogs, particularly blogs about writing. I have particular blogs I follow. I don't just surf the web looking for blogs.
5. Blogs that are filled with the trivia of daily living cause me to click to another page. Blogs that attack others cause me to stop reading.
6.I don't find discussions on blogs particularly helpful. I appreciate comments, but I've rarely seen a real discussion take place. I think it's because answers aren't written in linear time.
7. I consider blogging a part of a long-range plan for a platform. I don't find it drawing in huge numbers of people. (I have about 50 who read my blog).

steph said...

1. Yes, I've had my own blog since 2008.
2. I blog because I have to write or I'll go mad. I might as well share the words along the way.
3. Yes, I read a few other blogs faithfully, others on occasion.
4. Primarily, if you regularly make me laugh, I'll be coming back.
5. I typically do not like blogs that require a lot of click-throughs or bombard me with requests to subscribe. I also tend to veer away from ones that try to be divisive with its topics/posts.
6. I do like discussions started on blogs and have tried to do so on my own; though, so far, I haven't been successful in that.
7. I've completed a book but have yet to publish it. I know many see blogging as an author's platform but my blog is much more for me than that. Perhaps that will change once I publish.
8. N/a
Great questions!

Linda Write Spot said...

1. Yes, I do write my own blog. I probably need to do more on my personal blog, because most of my blogging is done on social media.
2. I like sharing information others may find interesting and helpful.
3. I do read Others' blogs.
4. I enjoy it all, whatever I'm in the mood to read at that time. I like funny, informative, everyday happenings, specific topics, etc.
5. I don't like blogs that denigrate any specific group of people, etc.
6. I do like discussions and sometimes engage in them if I'm intelligent about the presented subject. I'm just seeing this one. :D
7. Yes, I do find blogging a very integral part of engaging with potential customers and sharing what I know about a particular subject.
8. NA