Editors, Agents, and Publishers

We encourage members to send us information about editors (contact details), agents (contact details and/or website address), and small and/or independent publishers who might be seeking submissions (website submission guidelines page) that may be of interest to other members.

CAVEAT EMPTOR! We cannot vouch for the quality of any of the companies/individuals on this list.  It is ENTIRELY up to you to do your due diligence; we advise great care and suggest entering into any such relationship with a healthy degree of skepticism.

Here's a start. Please help us add to it and let us know of any experiences, pro or con, you have with editors and publishers.


  • ReneĆ© La Viness, Writer/Editor: reneelaviness@jespiddlin.net
  • Diane "Di" Freeze, Editor/full-service editing-to-publishing consultant: difreeze@gmail.com
  • Editing Market, https://www.editingmarket.com/
  • Maryann Miller, http://maryannwrites.com/services/editing-services/
  • Joan Schweighardt, http://www.greycoreliteraryservices.com/
  • Editorial Freelancers' Association, http://www.the-efa.org


  • Ohgma Trans Media, http://oghmacreative.com/business/submission-guidelines/
  • Pelican Publishing, http://www.pelicanpub.com/viewer.php?region=92
  • Smoking Gun Publishers, http://www.smokinggunpublishing.com/

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