Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year Writers!

It has been a busy year for me.I finally finished the short-short stories I have been continually revising and editing. I could read, edit and change them for the rest of my life and never get anything else accomplished. But with Jerry Davis' encouragement and collaboration, I finished them and we combined our stories into one book titled She Writes, He's Wrong. Guess who came up with that title. I learned a lot from this whole process and I'm glad it's finished so I can move on to the next one. New projects, new territory, new ventures. That's what I see for me in 2016.

My goal this year is to write. I would like to get down to business and seriously write more often, finish what I write, and either put it to bed or attempt to publish.

I think a lot of writers like myself, put off the writing process to the point of apathy. The words are in there rolling around in our brain cells, but we just don't let them out. It comes down to habit. If we quit exercising, it's difficult to get started again. If we quit writing, it's just as difficult. The writing muscles seize and resist as we begin to use them and the excuses not to write are abundant. But if we persist, we enjoy the benefits. Writing gets easier as our writing muscles begin to remember the process and rewards.

So my wish for all of my fellow writers is that this year you make a pledge to get off your duffs and write. Write something. Write anything and share it with someone. Find a fellow writer you trust and venture into new territory. Take a risk. Toss out the excuses, sit in the chair and write.

See you all at the next meeting. Kai Coggin is our presenter. If you do not know Kai, you have not been paying attention. Kai is a very popular Hot Springs writer and teacher who knows how to reach inside and pull out what you didn't know you were capable of. The meeting is Monday, January  25 at the Coronado Community Center at 1pm. No reservations are necessary. Hope to see you there.

Mary Lou Moran, President Village Writers' Club

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Kai said...

I can't wait to write with all of you!