Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why Writers Should Blog

Why Writers Should Blog - Mary Lou Moran

Writers everywhere are blogging. It seems to be almost a requirement of dedicated writers. So, I'm doing what I do best . . . making a list. Bet you thought I was going to say writing. Fooled ya!

Anyway, I need your help. Please comment on this post and let me know Why Writers Should Blog. Let's see how many reasons we can come up with. I'll start.

  1. Good writers write every day. Okay, a lot. Blogging every day is a good way to set that habit in motion and the topics can vary from day to day. It stirs the creativity.
  2. your turn

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JS said...

Blogging every day is, for me, all about discipline and becoming more intimate with words and how best to use them. I blog, in part, to test the impact of sentences and paragraphs, to improve my facility with language, and to learn from the reactions (or lack thereof) to what I write.