Saturday, May 16, 2015

Passion is Not Too Strong a Word


This first post to the Village Writers' Club blog is the result of passion, a passion for writing and for sharing the thoughts and emotions that spill forth when we put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. My hope, as the anonymous writer of this first post, is that the Village Writers' Club blog, called "Passion for Writing," will serve as a working companion to the Club's website, a place members can go for inspiration and information.

Toward that end, I'm issuing a challenge that I  hope will inspire each of you who visits this blog to write a short piece—a poem, a short story, a personal recollection—themed after your passion for writing.

Village Writers' Club members who have already accepted the invitation to be a contributor can post directly to the blog (just go to and sign in, then follow the prompts to write a post).  If you have not yet become a contributor, send your piece, via email (use the subject "BLOG SUBMISSION" for your email), to and we'll post them to our blog.

By the way, be sure to tell us whether you want your name included when we publish your submission to the blog (some of us are a little shy).

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Jean Larsen said...

This is a commendable undertaking and I'm positive it will benefit many writers. Thanks for taking the time to develop it